The strategy roadmapping tool by JourneyOne


The strategy roadmapping tool by JourneyOne

A tool to bridge the gap between strategy and execution

Jibility is a new SaaS product for building strategy roadmaps: an essential tool for ensuring that you stay on track as you work to execute the strategic vision you have for your organisation or department.

The challenge of a gap between strategic vision and implementation plans is one we have come across time and time again in our years as consultants. We figured that there had to be a simple solution – but we couldn’t find one. So we decided to build it ourselves.

Use the Jibility app to develop your strategy roadmap

Business and technology strategy roadmaps made simple

Jibility guides you through

Six Simple Steps

  • Lay out your challenges

  • Set your objectives

  • Assess your capabilities

  • Determine your courses of action

  • Formulate your initiatives

  • Generate your roadmap

Simple, fast, consistent:

Key Features

The Jibility app comes with libraries of pre-canned content written by our own J1ers. This means that each of the above steps comes with ‘building blocks’: you choose the blocks that resonate with your own circumstances (or write your own), and drag and drop them.

The drag and drop nature keeps the app intuitive and efficient: the whole purpose of Jibility is to make it possible to create a strategy roadmap at a fraction of the time and cost such an activity would usually take.

Jibility makes strategy roadmaps simple

A number of JourneyOne’s services incorporate Jibility, including our Summit Planning and Wayfinder service packages. These therefore provide you with a comprehensive introduction to all the possibilities of Jibility and its value.

Digital strategy in Perth with Jibility
Strategy roadmaps in Perth with Jibility

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