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JourneyOne engages with the latest thinking and technology through our community, industry and technology partnerships.

Our Innovation Hub Partner

JourneyOne is proud to be partnered with CORE Innovation Hub.

CORE is Australia’s first innovation hub and largest national ecosystem for suppliers, researchers, entrepreneurs and industry to connect and collaborate on innovative solutions across mining, resources, energy, defence and space sectors.

Having long worked with clients across the resources, mining and energy sectors, including green energy, we are excited to engage with CORE as an Ecosystem Partner in 2024.

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AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

JourneyOne is proud to be an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner and Public Sector Partner. Our Product Factory team, who deliver JourneyOne's cloud-native software engineering services, are experts when it comes to building on AWS platforms, and hold a plethora of AWS certifications between them.

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WALGA Preferred Supplier

WALGA preferred supplier
JourneyOne is a preferred supplier for the WA Local Government Association (WALGA). Our team has worked with numerous local government bodies over the years, including City of Perth and Town of Cottesloe.

CUA ICT Provider

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We are a recognised provider of Information and Communications Technology Services for WA public authorities under the Common Use Arrangement (CUA), as managed by the WA Department of Finance.

Our Family of Businesses

JourneyOne is part of a family of businesses offering specialist areas of expertise to help you achieve an even more remarkable journey. Our family includes DataDivers for your data journey, Red Marble AI for your Artificial Intelligence journey, SaaS tool Jibility for your strategic planning journey, and ProcessPath for your process automation journey.

This family is called Rmkble.

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