Cloud-Native Application Development

A case study with Neurotologix

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Cloud-native app development

A case study with Neurotologix

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Heading for the momentous milestone of market trials, MedTech startup Neurotologix collaborated with JourneyOne to bring their product from concept to solution.


Neurotologix’s mission: to become the global leader in data analytics and diagnostics for balance disorders

Dizziness is a symptom accounting for one in forty GP consultations and 4% of Emergency Department admissions every year, yet a significant gap in diagnostic data makes it difficult for doctors to pinpoint the causes.

Neurotologix are committed to expediting diagnosis of neurological conditions associated with dizziness. To realise their vision for the medical devices and clinical information systems to achieve this, Neurotologix embarked on a product journey with JourneyOne.

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The challenges of MedTech

In addition to the common product development objectives of proving the concept, refining product design and user validation, MedTech innovation is subject to onerous compliance requirements.

Patient safety and comfort is paramount but the product must also satisfy the diagnostic analysis and reporting requirements of clinicians, and the practice management requirements of clinical administrators. Only with these requirements met could Neurotologix bring their system to market trial.

Cloud native application development

Creating a remarkable user experience for clinicians, administrators and patients

JourneyOne’s Product Factory creates remarkable user experiences through select application of techniques such as lean software development and technologies such as the AWS cloud services platform. The method follows the product life cycle from ideation and iteration through to scaling and sustaining.

JourneyOne’s focus in meeting Neurotologix’s early milestones was supporting product ideation and iteratively delivering product increments for:

  • A globally-accessible web application for clinicians and clinical administrators.
  • An automated pipeline for processing diagnostic data.

JourneyOne’s IoT device architecture integrated the physical device and its embedded firmware with data processing pipelines and the clinical web application. The data is visible to the web app users, who can view, analyse and report on results in real time.

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We developed the web app and data processing pipeline as a cloud-native, serverless system on AWS using key services such as Cognito, CloudFront, S3, API Gateway, DynamoDB, Step Functions, and Lambda. Our advanced use of natively-compiled Lambda code enabled video processing in a serverless context.

Along the way we automated operational activities, such as user management and security monitoring, to ensure Neurotologix can scale their product quickly with minimal operational overhead.

— Cristian Southall, JourneyOne CTO and Product Factory Product Owner

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Product Factory software development process

JourneyOne case study quote marks

Everything needed to be ready for change. The size of the user base was a moveable variable, so it was our job to make sure that the solution was scalable without admin intervention. So, the capture, uploading and processing of all data is automated.

— Product Factory Lead Developer

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Future of development and scaling

Despite the focus on solution ideation and iteration, JourneyOne’s Product Factory team have assured the extensibility and scalability of the solution.

The cloud-native architecture is extremely low cost and scales with growth in the user base. It is deployed to a cloud operating platform also delivered by the Product Factory team, which, through heavy automation, frees capital that would otherwise be consumed by management overheads and operating costs for product feature development.

Infrastructure automation also ensures the solution can scale within minutes to new users and new geographies, ensuring stability, reliability and agility through clinical trials and user adoption.

Cloud native application development with JourneyOne

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JourneyOne embraced the product journey at Neurotologix by helping with expert AWS advice and development capability. JourneyOne have shown to be a partner capable of helping us overcome obstacles and progress product development.

The team at JourneyOne have been an integral part of our product's development. They have not only helped us build a fabulous product but have ensured the design will allow for future flexibility.

— Kate Lewkowski, Neurotologix Founder

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Find out more

JourneyOne’s relationship with Neurotologix is ongoing, and we look forward to sharing more of the journey as their product continues to develop.

For more information about our Product Factory approach to cloud-native application development and our experience with AWS technologies, please visit the product page or get in touch with the team directly.

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