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A Cloud-Native App Development Journey with Neurotologix

The Background

Neurotologix is committed to closing a significant gap in diagnostic data that adversely affects patients across the globe with neurological disorders associated with dizziness. Neurotologix needed a trusted partner to assist them on their product journey using AWS.

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The Challenge

Neurotologix’s primary challenge was to prove their concept, address design issues and validate diagnostic data so their product could be brought to the trial stage in the highly competitive medical technology domain.

A secondary challenge was to ensure feasibility in a clinical context for clinicians (performing diagnostic analysis and reporting) and clinical administrators (for patient, clinic and device management), whilst all the time providing a product that was safe and comfortable for the patient.

Neurotologix had to meet these challenges whilst satisfying onerous medical device compliance requirements.


The Solution

JourneyOne Product Factory

JourneyOne applied our Product Factory method to support Neurotologix and their delivery partners in lean software product development incorporating a remotely-operable medical device for patients, a globally-accessible web application for clinical users and a data processing pipeline capable of generating diagnostic data supplied by the device.

Cloud-native app development

We developed the web application and data processing pipeline as a cloud-native, serverless system on AWS. This application is hosted on an AWS operating platform crafted by JourneyOne to automate operational activities such as user management and security monitoring, enabling the product to scale quickly.

IoT Device Architecture

JourneyOne’s IoT device architecture integrated the web application with device firmware via an API. Connected via 4G or Wifi, telemetry for the device fleet is visible to users of the web application. Web application users can interact with individual devices in real time for individual patients.


Patient-initiated capture, upload and processing of data is fully automated and scalable, without administrator intervention, to meet changes in the size of the user base or device fleet.

The Outcome

JourneyOne has helped Neurotologix product journey go from concept to solution, allowing Neurotologix to focus on future development and scaling.

Furthermore, JourneyOne’s use of cloud-native and IoT device architectures, and disciplined approach to automation has ensured Neurotologix can focus their investment on product development rather than operations.

The JourneyOne focus on software product development has resulted in a negligible operating cost of application deployment and system monitoring and management. Automation also ensures the solution can be scaled to new users and geographies in minutes.

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