Unleashing Agile

Unleashing Agile

JourneyOne and Our Agile Journeys

Over the past 12 months, a third of the J1 team have either been working to uplift their agile delivery capabilities via our internal Agile Learning Program, or out delivering agile Client Journeys.

Along the way, we’ve seen many challenges crop up again and again across very different organisations, but we’ve also encountered a number of unique situations.

As such, our Agile delivery expertise is pretty substantial. Here are just eight key challenges that we have encountered on our journeys, which we help organisations overcome.

Key Insights from Our Agile Delivery Expertise


You must ensure the business is onboard with the agile delivery mindset and the challenges that come as a result. Do not take it as a given.


Similarly, you must ensure that the team embraces the agile delivery framework and takes every opportunity to assess and improve.


A well-experienced Agile Coach/Scrum Master is required to guide both the delivery team and wider business stakeholders on agile ways of working.


There must be solid commitment from the Product Owner. The Product Owner should be available to engage with the wider business to elicit requirements and make priority calls to determine ‘value’ on behalf of the business.


It is imperative to establish a safe environment and build trust amongst a newly formed team. This is the only way everyone will feel comfortable enough to share their viewpoints freely and resolve any conflicts as they become more empowered.


Focus on the outcomes rather than the tools. Most of the prevalent tools on the market these days support agile delivery.


Everyone should understand that implementing agile delivery is not an exact science, so the focus should be on the agile principles rather than the practice. This helps promote flexibility, as the team can adapt as and when required and are not too restricted.


Remember to celebrate the wins often, as success breeds success.

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A Customer Story

The Philosophy of a Learning Organisation

J1ers are remarkably dedicated to learning and upskilling at any opportunity. To facilitate this curiosity, we have an internal learning program: JLearn.

JLearn consists of three streams – JAware, JAcademy and JTrain. All three streams include training and materials for our team to keep improving their skills in Agile.

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