Capability, assurance, remediation and execution (CARE)

All programs and projects, big and small, are constantly impacted by business, technology and delivery challenges. Early identification of these challenges is crucial for you to prioritise and execute the solutions and keep your initiatives on track. Our CARE Team gives you the support you need to achieve this.

The CARE Team’s key to success is creating a transparent ecosystem where customer delivery teams are supported through the proactive monitoring of their initiatives within the holistic business context.

We diagnose problems and identify opportunities to optimise; we develop solutions and recommend actions to take; and we provide the capacity to deliver the solution.

CARE Team program and project delivery

How CARE Team enables business outcomes

Looking ahead, identifying problems, solving challenges and remediating risks

CARE Team project delivery discovery and monitoring

Discovery and Monitoring

A deep understanding of your portfolio and the business context that it is delivered within, supported by extensive delivery expertise, enables the proactive identification and monitoring of potential challenges and areas to optimise delivery.

CARE Team project delivery Diagnosis


The CARE Team triage delivery problems, providing solutions and details of associated effort. The Team supports the business transformation manager in prioritising the execution of these.

CARE Team project delivery

CARE Package

The CARE Team takes accountability for the delivery of all the agreed outcomes and, once approved, provides the resources to deliver. Progress of these is monitored and reported.

The project delivery and support expertise you'll get

When you work with our CARE Team, we'll assist the execution of your projects/programs by providing:

  • Proactive identification of potential challenges and areas to optimise delivery.
  • Direct management support for prioritising solutions and understanding the implications and effort required.
  • Accountable CARE Team resources to deliver the agreed upon outcomes, a.k.a. CARE Packages.

Identification of challenges

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The team who make it happen

JourneyOne Actioners

Core CARE Team

Our Core CARE Team continually assesses the delivery health of the program, providing early diagnosis of potential trouble spots.

JourneyOne team

CARE Team Actioners

Our team of Actioners is flexible, on-tap and multi-disciplined, with deep delivery experience and capability. They develop solutions to complex problems and have the capability to deliver the outcome.

JourneyOne's team works side-by-side with yours

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Our team works closely with yours throughout the journey to deliver your outcomes.