High-Performing Teams

Enabling high-performing distributed teams in an accelerated
digital transformation

High-Performing Teams

Enabling high-performing distributed teams in an accelerated
digital transformation

Are you properly prepared to adapt, learn, reprioritise and pivot at a pace like never before?

The Big Challenges...


Are our vision and strategy still applicable?

Our workforce is now distributed — how can we be effective?

Should we just stop and re-assess?

We need all our staff to learn and adapt to new work patterns.

Where do we even begin when it comes to justifying what to restart?


A major disruption, such as the pandemic we're currently experiencing, plunges us into a new business environment where we are working in distributed teams and new working patterns.

We can't afford not to adapt, learn, reprioritise and pivot in response.

What we're seeing is three stages for businesses in this new environment: react; adapt and learn; and grow and thrive.

Whilst there are no clear timeframes to move between these stages, it is clear that successful organisations will be those that are agile and can navigate fast.

Distributed teams and digital working

The 3 phases of a major disruption

The context of our new business environment

Diagram of disruption stages in a new business environment

Adapted from Phases of a Collective Trauma Response by ictg.org, A Supply Chain View of the Resilient Enterprise published in MITSloan Management Review, and the S Curve as featured in HBR.


How the JourneyOne team can help

High-performing teams collaborate remotely

In the React Phase...

Our focus is on building your capabilities, so that you can keep going. This is done through education sessions for awareness and familiarisation, and through practical training to enable the shift to remote and digital working.

Specifically, this involves:

  • Training targeted to capability building, navigation of toolsets and approaches for task management, and cultural change.
  • Remote workshop design and facilitation.

In the Learn and Adapt Phase...

Our objective is to help organisations reprioritise fast, accelerating the development and building of their own capabilities and identifying and gaining consensus on the right initiatives to focus on.

Specifically, this involves a series of highly facilitated collaboration sessions focused on understanding pain points and opportunities including:

  • Asynchronous working approach to research
  • Focus on both cultural and organisational capabilities
  • Co-design of experience map
  • Prioritisation and consensus on key focus areas

The team also brings a proven approach for redefining the vision of an organisation, department or product encompassing:

  • Workshop design and facilitation
  • Accelerators for vision redesign, capability planning and consensus building
  • Building engagement with distributed teams

Remote working tools for high-performing teams

The remarkable J1ers enabling high-performing teams

The remarkable J1ers enabling high-performing teams


If you are interested in building digital and remote working capability, or are looking for support to set a new path forward as a result of this accelerated transformation...

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