Strategy Development

Summit Planning

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Strategy Development

Summit Planning

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A highly visual, lean approach to digital strategy development

Forward-thinking organisations need to consider a multitude of elements when developing a digital strategy. These may include aligning IT strategy to business vision, addressing market disruptions, delivering operational efficiencies and innovating through technology.

JourneyOne’s unique immersive collaboration approach enables the development of an actionable roadmap and plan to commence a successful transformation journey.

This approach is Summit Planning.

Summit Planning ensures executive stakeholder consensus, achieved through a highly visual collection of artefacts which are built up through stakeholder interviews, lean thinking workshops and regular executive engagement.

Strategy development with Summit Planning

The outcomes of strategy development with JourneyOne

Strategic intent icon

Clear articulation of strategic intent and how this translates to the delivery of the vision and mission.

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Identification of strategic challenges, objectives and required capability changes.

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Strategic roadmap defining programs and projects to deliver capability change, traceable to strategic intent.

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Business consensus and alignment delivered through immersive collaboration.

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Full documentation in strategic roadmap tool Jibility for ongoing maintenance.

The 3 stages of Summit Planning

Strategy development - Summit Planning Stage 1: Envision


Stage 1: why does your organisation exist?

Obtain consensus on the business vision and strategic intent as you clarify and agree your key challenges and objectives. You'll gain an understanding of your ability and capacity to change.

Strategy development - Summit Planning Stage 2: Outline


Stage 2: what do you need to do?

Agree what business and IT capabilities need investment and prioritise these investment areas. Following this, you can agree upon the courses of action required to achieve your vision.

Strategy development - Summit Planning Stage 3: Plan


Stage 3: how do you do it?

Confirm the initiatives, investment, priority and sequencing, and gain consensus on the strategic roadmap. Finally, we'll confirm that the roadmap aligns to your strategic vision and intent.

The knowledge and artefacts you'll gain

At the end of the journey, we'll leave you with a highly visual collection of artefacts which have been built up through a collaborative approach involving 20+ stakeholder interviews, lean thinking workshops and regular executive engagement.

In addition, you'll have a fully supported, actionable roadmap and plan to commence a successful digital transformation journey.

Roadmap and strategy development powered by Jibility

The Summit Planning approach to strategy


Set a new path

In the first phase, you’ll gain:

  • Clearly defined vision, challenges and objectives
  • Consensus on IT strategic intent
  • Confirmation of proposed future state, products and services
  • First cut of capabilities required to support the future vision

Strategy development vision


Design the change

The second phase enables you to:

  • Build the second cut of capabilities required
  • Agree and prioritise capability changes for the future state
  • Define required technology concepts and architecture
  • Define required actions

Strategy development capabilities


Plan the journey

In the third phase, you will:

  • Agree the initiatives, investment, priority and sequencing
  • Confirm that the roadmap aligns to organisational vision and strategic intent
  • Build consensus and agreement on strategic roadmap, including sequenced initiatives

Strategic roadmap

Getting started with Summit Planning

Summit Planning has three levels to cater for varying timelines and the overall scale of what you’re looking to achieve.



Journey duration: 3 weeks

  • Challenge and objective definition
  • Capability mapping and assessment
  • Conceptual technology models
  • Action and initiative development
  • Visual roadmaps
  • Infographic-style deliverables
  • Interactive software for ongoing roadmap maintenance



Journey duration: 6 weeks

  • All Lite features
  • Platform architecture modelling
  • Initiative ROM cost estimation
  • Initiative owner allocation
  • Initiative prioritisation
  • Project portfolio alignment



Journey duration: 12 weeks

  • All Business features
  • Domain architecture modelling
  • Action and initiative cost estimation
  • Program portfolio analysis
  • High-level implementation plan

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Strategy Development Journey
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Summit Planning in action

Fremantle Ports are crucial to the Western Australian economy. Keeping goods moving requires extensive maritime knowledge, collaboration and infrastructure. In order to be competitive with neighbouring ports such as Singapore, the port needed to look at transformational change delivered through digital technology.

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