What makes a J1er?

What makes a J1er?

We refer to the remarkable people who work at JourneyOne as J1ers. But what makes a J1er?

For one thing, we like to take a different approach. For example - why type the list of amazing J1er attributes when we can explain it like this:

What makes a J1er?

Illustration by Bronwyn Short

Does this sound like you?

We're currently looking for new J1ers who fit a number of unique roles, including Change Drivers, Actioners, and Solutionisers.

What is it like to be a J1er?

Problem Solving

Excel as you create innovative solutions to complex problems. Explore and work with the latest technologies and newest ways of working.


Work with some of the leading organisations and most outstanding people in your field. Know that your expertise and ideas are valued; we listen.


Wherever your Client Journey takes you, you’ll always be connected to the J1 community and can count on the team’s support. Our people are never left isolated or in the lurch.

Joining JourneyOne team


All J1ers share passion, intelligence and curiosity. Our internal learning programs foster this, supporting J1ers as they enhance skills in areas such as design thinking, cloud computing and agile.


We're a diverse team, but we all share the same set of principles and we all embrace the unique culture of J1 – from Sherpas to Campfires and everything in between.


Along with Client Journey remarkability, we also work hard to ensure People Journey remarkability. We want all J1ers to experience a remarkable journey with us.

Want to know more about the JourneyOne roles and culture?

Hear more about JourneyOne's culture — including our Trek Roles, like Drivers and Solutionisers — straight from some of our current J1ers.

More videos just like this can be found over on our YouTube channel.