Our principles and values

When you work with JourneyOne, you work with a people-first organisation

Our Principles and Values

Our Principles and Values Guide Everything We Do

Our principles are what we believe in and the reason why we do things the way we do. They encapsulate our values and are the foundation of JourneyOne.

JourneyOne was built upon its principles. Our principles were created at the very inception of the company and have guided our every action and decision since. We strive to live and lead by our principles and expect everyone at JourneyOne to do the same.


Our Six Core and Immutable Principles

Care for people

Care for People

Above all, we are people first, whether "people" refers to our clients, our JourneyOners, our partners, or the communities we support. We all look out for each other – always.

Be humble

Be Humble

Being humble means being courteous, respectful, modest and putting others first.

Make every journey remarkable

Make Journeys Remarkable

To make journeys remarkable is to seek a fulfilled, rewarding, purposeful, successful and enjoyable journey for you, our clients and JourneyOne.

Build lasting relationships

Build Lasting Relationships

Build lasting relationships means to form and sustain positive and meaningful connections with our clients, people and community.

Always deliver

Always Deliver

Delivery may be something small such as agreeing to send an update to a client by the close of business today, a short consulting engagement or a large project. We must ensure that we do what we say.

Create everlasting sustainability

Create Everlasting Sustainability

We ensure the longevity of JourneyOne and contribute to the community in which we live and work, including building professional communities and partnering with charities.

Consult Differently on the JourneyOne Team

Every day JourneyOners get up and try to live the ideals, values and principles that we have agreed upon.

When you work with JourneyOne you know that you are a part of a team that constantly strives to do things differently, continually innovate and follow our values and principles. 

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