Reinventing consulting roles

Trek Roles

Reinventing consulting roles

Trek Roles

Why Conventional Consulting Titles Aren’t Enough

JourneyOne takes a different approach to assigning roles and assembling teams compared to many technology consultancies.

When organisations create teams, they tend to default to traditional titles: project manager, business analyst, enterprise architect etc. But there isn’t always a good understanding of the actual work these people need to perform, nor the type of person required for the role.

So, we don’t box ourselves in with traditional consulting titles. Instead, we’ve created Trek Roles.

Unconventional consulting roles

JourneyOne's Trek Roles

Trek Roles are based on strengths, expertise, and cultural fit with the client and journey in question. Creating our teams this way helps our people to grow and reach their full potential, and ensures that our clients get a team ideally suited to their journey.

Which Trek Role are you?

Not quite sure how our Trek Roles match your skillset and your approach to delivery and teamwork? We've created a short quiz to help you understand how these roles might apply to you!

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