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Enterprise, solution, or business architects with a passion for problem solving and designing a path forward.

JourneyOne Jobs


Make a remarkable impact as part of a skilled and passionate team working on Western Australia’s most exciting projects.

We’re on the lookout for new J1ers who fit the role of Solutioniser.

Our Solutionisers thrive in complex environments. They work alongside some of WA’s leading organisations on innovative solutions to design new paths and enable value. They are expert problem solvers, using the latest in digital technology and modern ways of thinking and working.

We are specifically seeking Solutionisers from enterprise, solution, or business architecture backgrounds.


What is a “Solutioniser”?

Solutionisers are expert consultants with significant capability in complex problem solving, strategic planning, technology advisory and the delivery of business value through enabling technology.

Our team spans the continuum of architecture practice from strategy and planning (i.e. Enterprise Architecture), to portfolio assessment and solution selection (i.e. Enterprise Solution Architecture), to solution design and implementation (i.e. Solution Architecture).

We are leaders in the pragmatic adoption of architecture practice and emerging technology to turn vision into value for our clients. Our Solutionisers establish architecture practices, lead capability uplift, design new operating models, develop technology and data strategies, integrate complex IT landscapes, and design cloud-native IoT solutions.

JourneyOne’s architecture team is broadly sought across industries and sectors by startups and corporates alike. We are proud of the clients we work with and are genuinely excited about the problems and opportunities for which they are solving.

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Characteristics we value in our Solutionisers:

  • Thriving in complexity and driven by designing a path forward.
  • Passion for delivering enabling technology.
  • Alignment with the J1 principles and our commitment to creating remarkable people and client journeys.
  • Passion for learning and experimenting with new software technology, techniques and thinking.
  • Pragmatism in balancing innovation with quality and timely delivery.
  • Knowledge of relevant industry frameworks and best practices, and highly capable of adapting these to each client’s circumstances.
  • A willingness to learn, adapt and keep asking questions.
  • Excellent communications skills.

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What Makes a J1er?
Illustration by Bronwyn Short

About JourneyOne

  • We live and breathe our values to be humble, build lasting relationships, care for people, always deliver and create everlasting sustainability.
  • We have only two measures: people journey remarkability and client journey remarkability.
  • We challenge each other to think differently through an unconventional terminology and operating model.
  • We combine the rigour of enterprise thinking with an innovative, experimental mindset to help clients optimise and transform their business, enabling the realisation of tangible value.

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Applicants must be based in Perth, WA, and have full working rights in Australia.

Recruitment agencies should note that we do not accept unsolicited CVs.

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