Human-Centred Design
for Project Planning

A case study with Good Sammy Enterprises

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Human-Centred Design for Project Planning

A case study with Good Sammy Enterprises


To implement their Container Recycling Scheme, Good Sammy Enterprises collaborated with JourneyOne to embed human-centred design principles and modern ways of working.


Creating inclusive workplaces with Containers for Change

Good Sammy Enterprises has a vision where all people regardless of ability can find meaningful work. Their purpose is to provide meaningful employment opportunities and pathways through the Good Sammy Academy.

When the Western Australian Government launched Containers for Change in 2020, Good Sammy stepped up to be part of the program with the mission of creating new development opportunities for people with disability through the scheme and an extension of their recycling businesses.

This Container Recycling Scheme promised to be a fast-paced and high-pressured project. To support the implementation planning, Good Sammy engaged JourneyOne.

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Good Sammy’s Container Recycling Scheme: the challenge

The Good Sammy team were facing a tight 12-week timeframe for planning and executing the Container Recycling Scheme in the middle of the COVID-19 uncertainty. The 16 Refund Points not only had to be ready on time, but also operating in a way that ensured the best experience for employees and customers alike.

Applying human-centred design and agile principles

JourneyOne’s Advisory and Expedition services incorporate human-centred design and agile principles. The team applied these principles as they co-designed the 'Service Experience' for the new business line, focusing on:

  • Creating the best customer experience for Refund Point users.
  • Supporting employees with a disability to undertake a meaningful skills development while in a busy, customer-facing environment.

This was all done using agile techniques to plan and execute this project within 12 weeks.

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Cross-functional collaboration and alignment through co-design workshops

Kicking off, JourneyOne facilitated a series of collaborative workshops with representation from across all of Good Sammy. Through these workshops, JourneyOne supported the team as they developed an understanding of container recycling and co-designed the Target Operating Model for this new line of business.

For each key service, the team identified roles, responsibilities, and standard operating procedures. They designed a training strategy to meet the needs of supported employees and set them up for success. Everyone’s involvement in this process ensured alignment and commitment across the organisation.

The last step was creating the implementation plan. Good Sammy was working to a tight 12-week timeframe, so JourneyOne helped the team create the implementation plan with agile cadences, to drive greater openness, transparency and visibility.

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Creative and innovative thinking was so important for our co-design workshops, and we put a lot of emphasis on visual tools to support this. Using visual representations provided the understanding needed to design the physical layout of each site to ensure an amazing customer experience and build brand loyalty.

The role of visuals in general was ongoing – we made sure the team had a designated workspace for the Container Recycling Scheme, with all the key information up on the walls to ensure alignment and clarity throughout the project.

— Premila Jina, Journey Lead and Human-Centred Design Specialist at JourneyOne

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Remarkable employee and customer experiences

Good Sammy executed the project with great success, working together as a cross-functional team, with workshops and daily stand-ups, clearer communication, and improved productivity.

The modern ways of working introduced by JourneyOne helped them to deliver within a tight timeframe while keeping employee and customer experience at the forefront. These ways of working have endured.

Through their successful participation in the Containers for Change program, Good Sammy strategically established a new revenue stream, diversified the business, expanded their presence in the northern suburbs, and created 40 new employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

The Containers for Change program has been a huge success, with 765 million containers returned in just the first year and $2.5 million raised for charities and communities. Good Sammy is proud to be part of this program as a Super Collector, now with 23 Authorised Refund Points.

Containers for Change Statistics

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What a result and what a team! What was so important about this work was flushing out what we didn’t know and what we hadn’t done, without defensiveness, and then everyone getting it done, regardless of role or seniority.

— Melanie Kiely, CEO of Good Sammy Enterprises

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Human-Centred Design Services

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