Product Ideation

A case study with OGS Global


Product Ideation

A case study with OGS Global


OGS Global, a project enablement and asset management advisory services company, collaborated with JourneyOne to kick-start product development, taking their product concept from idea to ideated product.


OGS Global's Goal: A New SaaS Solution

OGS Global were looking to leverage their engineering knowledge and consulting approach through development of an application that would facilitate workflow and communications between clients and OGS Global staff.

They sought to do this in partnership with a company that had specialist expertise in product ideation, and so chose to collaborate with JourneyOne's Product Factory team.

OGS Global’s ICORA® framework helps their clients manage and reduce commissioning and start-up risks, delays and costs associated with large resource and energy projects. Their idea was to implement this framework as a SaaS solution that assures all aspects of commissioning and operational readiness are identified and defined.

Collaborative approach

Enabling application development through product ideation

Exploring user journeys and stories

JourneyOne’s Product Factory team collaborated with OGS Global stakeholders to understand the ICORA® framework, identify the stakeholders who would engage with the ICORA® application and explore the user journeys and stories that would define user interaction ICORA® application.

User Journeys

Developing a clickable prototype

After defining user journeys and stories, JourneyOne brought these to life with a high-definition clickable prototype developed using Figma. This prototype enabled OGS Global to show stakeholders how the ICORA® framework would be supported by the application and elicited concrete feedback that further informed the product ideation process.

Domain-driven design

With user journeys and stories defined, and a clickable prototype in place, OGS Global collaborated with JourneyOne on initial, high-level design. Using a ‘domain-driven’ approach, the entities and interactions specific to the ICORA® framework were captured to inform requirements, user experience design and technical implementation in the next stages of product development.

Key technical decisions were also made at this stage. JourneyOne facilitated a selection process that confirmed the AWS platform as the foundation on which OGS Global’s product would be built. A serverless applications stack, comprising key AWS services such as CloudFront, Cognito, S3, API Gateway, Step Functions and Lambda, was also selected, with particular attention paid to appropriate application of database technologies such as serverless Aurora, RDS and DynamoDB.

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JourneyOne case study quote marks

Being able to work with a product owner at OGS Global, who had a clear vision of the objective, allowed JourneyOne to focus on bringing that vision and idea to life, as well as helping to chart a path forward to developing an application on AWS.

— Todd Melville, JourneyOne Basecamp Leader

JourneyOne case study quote marks
Product Factory software development process

JourneyOne testimonial quote marks
OGS Global developed an Integrated Commissioning and Operational Readiness Assurance (ICORA) framework as the foundation of our early engagement Project Enablement services. We were looking for a digital technology consulting partner to assist with the development of our ICORA application, focused on product functional definition, process mapping and prototyping.

JourneyOne provided the experience and methodology needed to define our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and produce a clickable prototype ready for application development.

— Matt Breuillac, OGS Global Head of Digital Technologies

JourneyOne testimonial quote marks

JourneyOne's product ideation capabilities

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JourneyOne is proud to have helped OGS Global progress the ICORA® application to the application development stage, using product ideation capability.

For more information about our Product Factory approach to product ideation and our experience with cloud native software development and AWS technologies, please visit our product page or get in touch with the team directly.

Product Factory is JourneyOne's cloud-native application development approach


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