Powered by Jibility - the strategic roadmap builder


Powered by Jibility

Acceleration of your strategy execution

Do you need to quickly create an execution plan for your business strategy?

Is there a need to prioritise and align your projects and initiatives?

Do you need to know which capabilities to invest in?

Do you need to develop a strategic roadmap to co-ordinate your execution activities?

Wayfinder will tackle these challenges head-on.

Strategy to execution with Wayfinder - strategic roadmap

What you get with Wayfinder


Fast, facilitated journey

Wayfinder is a short facilitated journey to assist you in developing a strategic roadmap for the execution of your strategy.

strategic roadmap step 1: Challenges

understand your challenges

We ensure and that you have a clear understanding of the challenges ahead so you’re ready to solve them.

strategic roadmap step 2:Consensus


You’ll gain consensus on priorities for capability investment and traceability of those investments back to key objectives.

strategic roadmap step 3: Capability Uplift

Capability uplift

We’ll train you and transfer our knowledge to your organisation on the approach and the tools used.

strategic roadmap step 4: Identify orphaned initiatives


We’ll identify “orphaned” initiatives that don’t have clear alignment to the objectives and key capabilities.

Wayfinder powered by Jibility - the strategic roadmap builder


Together, we’ll build your strategic roadmap in Jibility, documenting challenges, objectives, capability map, initiatives and the final roadmap.


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The team who make it happen

JourneyOne team

Our team

The JourneyOne Wayfinder team encompasses the skills of the Journey Lead, Actioner, Driver and Solutioniser Trek Roles.

Capability Sherpas

Our Capability Sherpas

Capability Sherpas support the journey along the way with their expertise in strategy roadmap development and the Jibility methodology.

JourneyOne's team works side-by-side with yours

… and you

We work closely with you and your team throughout the journey to realise the roadmap for your strategic vision.

The strategic roadmap software we use: Jibility

All of this knowledge is documented in an easy-to-use and inexpensive software tool that can be utilised by your organisation to continue to plot your journey ahead.

This software is called Jibility: it is a dedicated visual tool for building strategic roadmaps, developed in-house by the JourneyOne team. You can purchase your own licenses for this software as part of Wayfinder, so that you can continuously update your strategic roadmap after the Wayfinder journey has ended.

    Jibility SaaS for building strategic roadmaps