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JourneyOne's XMO is a next-generation agile PMO, designed as a solution to the common challenges faced by traditional PMOs.

Traditional PMOs often emphasise governance and process, making it difficult to bring in agile thinking and more innovative methods. A tendency to focus on project deliverables rather than business outcomes leads to portfolios that don't actually reflect business priorities. The linkage between strategy and project execution is often left unclear.

When you come on an XMO journey with us, we'll introduce you to new ways of working and contemporary approaches that will deliver business value and achieve the strategic outcomes you need.

Agile PMO

XMO features

XMO strategic alignment - agile pmo

Strategic Alignment

XMO ensures your project portfolio aligns with your strategic objectives, linking your strategy, needed capability investment and the projects. To achieve this, we’ll use a suite of unique JourneyOne products and tools.

XMO diagnostics - agile pmo


Our XMO team extends past traditional project reporting and KPIs. Outcome delivery is via project value chain analysis and reporting, pitfall identification and solution recommendation, stakeholder sentiment and project momentum in a series of dashboards.

XMO innovation - agile pmo


Since not every project should be executed the same way, our XMO team will help you identify the best method. We’ll coach your teams in the latest thinking and agile ways of working.

XMO learning - agile pmo

Capability Learning

JourneyOne has three learning programs which we bring to you with XMO to strengthen your internal capabilities. We use classroom, collaborative and peer-to-peer approaches that are tailored to your needs.

XMO Agile Methodology - agile pmo


XMO supports your organisation’s Operations, ensuring shared vision, clarity of responsibility and common goals. We’ll bring new ways of thinking – such as Agile and Scrum – to operational activities.

XMO delivery support - agile pmo

Delivery Support

XMO provides hands-on execution support for programs and projects, solving critical issues in project execution or even pivoting struggling projects. Flexible resourcing means you only deploy what you need to get the job done.

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The team who make it happen

XMO core team

XMO Core Team

The XMO Core Team’s approach is to ensure that new thinking in standards, methods and approaches are in place and pragmatically executed.

XMO Actioners

XMO Actioners

Our team of Actioners is flexible, on-tap and multi-disciplined, with deep delivery experience and capability. They develop solutions to complex problems and have the capability to deliver the outcome.

JourneyOne's team works side-by-side with yours

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Our team works closely with yours throughout the journey to deliver your outcomes.